Pull requests accepted

Easy Digital Downloads

Fixed a performance bug with role intialization

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Materialize CSS

Added support to materialbox module for responsive images with srcset

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WordPress Optimize Images Resizing

Improved performance of initial image uploads in WordPress

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WordPress Subtitles

Filter WP Query to include subtitles in search results

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Invoice Ninja

Implement suggested new features and apply bug fixes.

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Glynn (Ruby gem for Jekyll)

Implemented additional functionality for this Ruby Gem which allows the developer to use alternate configuration options for a more secure project workflow.

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WordPress Nginx Helper

Removed dependency on third party nginx module by implementing the functionality locally in this plugin. With my contribution, the plugi is now able to directly cherry pick the nginx cache files by calculating the cache file structure.

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PHP Handlebars

Provided a patch for the legacy PHP 5.2 branch; implemented some newer Handlebars features that were not present at the time the branch was last updated.

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jQuery Draggable Background

Added the ability to use percentage for background image positions instead of only pixels. This allowed me to create scalable image spaces instead of only fixed size images spaces.

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Debug reports and issues

Easy Digital Downloads

Reported awkward UI issue and proposed two possible solutions

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Easy Digital Downloads

Proposed solution to cache-breaking problem related to php sessions.

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Invoice Ninja

Reported bugs with existing codebase and submitted suggestions to improve user interface and functionality.

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Jekyll oEmbed

Reported a problem with Jekyll oEmbed not functioning as expected.

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JW Platform (Bits on the Run)

Reported an issue and suggested fix in order to support both https and http protocols.

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WordPress Active Directory Integration

Applied compatibility fixes for WordPress Multisite

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