I am 60% Front-end, 30% Back-end, and 10% Design

My Platforms


WordPress Themes, Plugins, and Core contributions

I have published plugins on wordpress.org, made pull requests to improve existing plugins, and even helped to fix a few bugs in the WordPress core.

JS Frameworks

jQuery, Angular, Meteor, Ractive, and more...

So many Javascript frameworks... This one time, our team decided to build a calendar application with Angular. Six months later, the decision was made to migrate to another platform...


Nginx, Node JS, Apache

I have dabbled on the server and have some handy SSH tricks up my sleeve, though I definitely do not consider myself an expert in server environments. I prefer to work with a great server admin or back-end developer and focus my efforts on the user experience in the browser.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails

Experience with: ActiveRecord, ERB, controllers, models, views, database migrations, models with polymorphic relations, and Action Mailer.

My Methodology


Sprints, Iterations, and Deployable products

I have some experience working with the Agile model, and would like to join a larger team which works this way!


Fluid, responsive layouts

The web is now responsive. The site has got to work at any screen size, device orientation, etc. I test all my web layouts at all screen sizes from 200px to 2,000px+


Feature detection over device detection

One cannot assume that the input device will be a mouse and keyboard; it might be touch, or tilt, or some other newfangled future-y input device!

Progressively Enhance

Make sure the product is usable first!

Progressive Enhancement says that fancy features should only load in if they are supported, and the user should be able to complete core tasks without the extras.

My Tools

Task Runners

Grunt, Gulp, Rake

These all work quite well; just pick your favorite flavor of code. Personally, I am currently a fan of Rake tasks for the simplicity of writing Ruby code.

Automated Testing

Selenium, PHPUnit, RSpec, Capybara

With the aluring promise of a robot catching human mistakes, automated testing is my new favorite thing!

Deployment and CI

Capistrano, Travis CI, Codeship

The icing on the cake for Automated Testing.

Version Control

Git, Subversion

Ideal steps to implement fancy things: 1) Make a feature branch, 2) pull request to development for code review, 3) deploy and test on staging, 4) merge to master for production deployment!



HTML5 ← Mustache, Handlebars

I create semantic, and SEO friendly document structures.


CSS3 ← Sass/SCSS, Compass

Snappy animations and UI interaction FX make me happy.


Javascript, CoffeeScript

I rather dislike Coffeescript. Yes, Javascript has got weird quirks. Coffeescript does not help, and sometimes makes things worse.


PHP, Composer

Since I publish WordPress plugins, my PHP often has to be compatible all the way down to PHP 5.3!


Ruby, Rake, bundler

I love the readability of well-written Ruby code.


MySQL, MongoDB, ActiveRecord

Usually, the database is behind a layer of abstraction... that said, I do have some experience with DB specific query statements.