Create a new website.

I will work together with you to create a design that will effectively communicate with your target audience. My goal is to create something that we are both proud of.

Update your existing website.

If you need to change a few sentences, update an old photo, or even completely re-design your website, I can help.

How much will it cost?

Every website is different and unique. Costs can range from as little as $100 for simple site updates to as much as $5,000 for a completely new design. It all depends on the complexity of the site you are asking for. Larger web design firms and companies usually charge thousands of dollars more than I do.

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Building a great website requires teamwork; it requires that I understand your business goals and what you're all about.

It also requires that you understand the steps involved with my development process so that you know what I need from you.


I don't like people who don't follow through, and I'll bet you don't either. I promise to deliver my work on time and to uphold the expectations we agree upon.

If something isn't working according to plan, I will bring it to your attention, and we can work out a solution to meet deadlines and requirements.

Informational Websites

Basic websitesA simple, yet elegant website for your small business or hobbies. Usually less than 8 pages total. The website you are looking at now is a great example of this type of site.

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic websitesLarger, multi-page websites built using CMS software which you can easily update and modify yourself without HTML code. Might include user registration, form submissions, etc.

Search Engine Optimization

Other servicesWhat good is your website if no one can find it using a search engine? I can tweak your existing site to improve search engine visibility.

Custom Email

Basic websitesWe can set up any email address you like using the domain name of your website. It can even be forwarded to your existing email account.

Online Forms

Dynamic websitesLet your site visitors fill out forms online and get the results delivered by email instantly.

Other Services

Other servicesAsk about social media integration, multimedia design, and more. I can also convert your design .PSD files to working HTML/CSS templates or a Wordpress theme.